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Comic Studio and Comic Festival

Comics have a long cultural history. Today, comics are a global language; they have become a part of our daily textual and visual media. But unfortunately, there are not no institutions that develop the art of comics in Iraq. In partnership with Hiwa Foundation, we have been working on this project to establish the first comics studio in Iraq and Kurdistan. Our aims are:

  • Developing a comics culture with youth as a contemporary language to express political and social critiques in a non-violent form.

  • Developing a comics culture with children in an educational context in order to help their self-expressive abilities and gain an understanding about which direction they want to take in the future.

  • Comic art is a crucial aspect in economic development, and our aim is to discover experts in the field for newspapers and animation production for advertisements and television.

  • Arranging an annual festival for the artists to promote and introduce themselves, and to showcase their comic works as a non-violent language for critiques and a new culture for dialogue.

Our role: programme creating, organizing and managing the project, media management, documentation, consultancy and monitoring the programme.

Client: Hiwa Foundation

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