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Sulaimani Saraa Museum


Sulaimani Saraa was built in 1784 and is identified as the oldest grand building in the city of Sulaimani. A project is undergone by the Directorate of Culture and Sulaimani Governorate to turn the building into a museum. The aim of this project is to display the political, scientific and social culture history of Sulaimani from its establishment until the present, as well has to present the different groups that have coped with internal and external circumstances.

We have been working on the following areas of the programme:

The content and the four subject areas of the museum:

  1. Nature and geography of Sulaimani

  2. Politics, economy and society

  3. Culture and ethnography

  4. Museum labs, an educational centre for training and experiments

Our participation: Programme creating and consultancy

Client: Municipal Council of Sulaimani


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